Can you stop creating a cloud of silt?

“I saw nothing, the guy in front kicked up so much silt!!”

Good buoyancy and trim isn’t just about dive safety, but also about your comfort level and about not impacting the reef. Sand buildup on fragile coral can kill it, while misplaced fin kicks can decimate a reef.

We believe that there is no reason why good buoyancy and trim cannot be taught at the open water level. We would love for everyone to work towards good buoyancy and trim so they don’t leave a cloud of silt behind as they move around the reef.

At Living Seas, we make it a priority to teach these concepts as early as possible, because it is our duty as good shepherds of the marine environment.

So can you stop creating a cloud of silt?

Leon Boey is a GUE, HSA and PADI instructor based in Singapore and Bali. He runs the dive education centre Livingseas in Singapore, Bali and Jakarta. Diving since 2005, he first fell in love with wrecks. He enjoys all sorts of diving, and loves being surrounded by fish.

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