Why This Blog?

As a scuba instructor, I get a lot of students asking simple questions, prefaced with a “Can I ask a stupid question?” First up, there’s no such thing as a stupid question! There is only information that you haven’t yet discovered!

So in order to help all the new divers and experienced divers alike, we’ve created a place where any diver can ask any question they want, and also find answers that they are looking for.

We try to answer all questions in an organization and brand-neutral, logical and unbiased manner, but please forgive us if we don’t manage to achieve it because of our diving context and experiences. Our answers are logically thought through and we hope they provide a more balanced perspective. Please comment and contribute to making this resource even more useful to others!

Leon Boey is a GUE, HSA and PADI instructor based in Singapore, Bali, and Jakarta, running the dive education centre Livingseas. Diving since 2005, his first love has always been wrecks, and remains so, but he’s enjoyed all sorts of diving since and loves being surrounded by fish.

Currently busy exploring the lengthy coastline of Bali, and the volcano lakes inland, when not writing for the blog or teaching, he can be found exploring the numerous nice restaurants around Bali!

Leon Boey
GUE Fundamentals, Documentation and DPV 1 Instructor
GUE Technical Diver Level 2
GUE Cave Diver Level 2
Handicap Scuba Association Course Director
ProNRC Nitrox Instructor Trainer
PADI Specialty Instructor
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Singapore – Bali – Jakarta